Precision wheel balancing

Precision wheel balancing

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Feel unwanted vibration in the steering at a certain speed?

We now offer on-site precision wheel balancing. German-made HAWEKA centering and clamping systems help us achieve perfect balancing results on every assembly. Using the appropriate adapters for your vehicle allows for exact and touchless mounting on the balancer and will keep the ride vibration-free and the wheels looking great.

If you have a "difficult" OEM wheel assembly chances are the equipment we use is the recommended solution by the manufacturer.

Extra $50 with our mobile tire change. $140 stand-alone.

Our work and your property are appropriately insured.

Give us a call at 647 326 0963 or send a quick message on WhatsApp today!


The Technical Stuff:

  1. Work is performed safely and with respect for your property
  2. We use the right tools and follow manufacturer procedures for your vehicle
  3. Specialty sockets and technique are employed to prevent damage to the wheels
  4. The underside of the vehicle is appropriately protected from dents and scratches
  5. Wheel and hub mating surfaces are serviced to perfection to ensure wheel fitment is straight and secure
  6. Wheels are torqued to the manufacturer specification
  7. Tire monitor system programming, if equipped, is standard and included in the price
  8. We examine the condition of each tire and label tires for rotation prior to storage